How to fulfill your purpose on earth by effectively communicating with your Father. Pray Like a Son will turn your prayers into effective communion with your Father.

  1. Discover the Radical Shift to Pray like Jesus: As a son, you can stand in the same position of prayer that Jesus did.
  2. Have the confidence to pray effectively: What will you ask for when you know that God hears you?
  3. Transform Your Daily Commute into Communion: When you’re in step with God, you will reach your destiny.

In addition to the hard copy of the book, you’ll also receive digital downloads of:

  • Pray Like a Son
  • Centurion Principle: The Protocol of Authority 
  • The Seven Laws that Govern Increase and Order
  • The Lord’s Prayer
  • Isaiah 58 Fast
  • The Confession of Faith as a Son

Pray Like a Son is available as a partner-only product. You choose how much you would like to give and all of the downloadable resources will be available to you instantly. Your physical book will be mailed to your shipping address.